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Every successful idea begins with a simple dream.

Our dream is to bring world peace – one conflict at a time.

What is Disputec?

Disputec is an innovative and advanced technological system for managing conversations between people and among groups, based on the binary solution model. The system assists in negotiating, resolving dilemmas, and resolving disputes and conflicts in the personal, business, social and community areas. The system is designed to bring the participants in the conversation to agreements, to one-time or ongoing cooperation.

The system allows the participants in the conversation to conduct purposeful communication between them by exchanging short arguments articulated in a binary format of yes/no questions.

Our mission

To teach and disseminate a new language for conflict management, with the aim of maintaining good relations, preventing and resolving disputes and conflicts by technological means, and enabling communities and groups to conduct themselves harmoniously and democratically, while giving maximum expression to their members, achieving world peace and justice for all.

Who are we?

Professional and humble, this is Disputec:

  • Gal Gorodeisky  |  Business Development

    Advocate, Mediator and Entrepreneur. Has 25 years of experience in managing complex litigation cases. Leading and groundbreaking in class action litigation, personal and collective labor law expert.

  • Ravit Mevorach  |  Marketing & Advertising

    Has over a decade of experience in traditional and digital marketing. In the past, she managed the Diners Club brand at Cal and served as marketing manager for El Al’s frequent flyer club.

  • Dr. Gal Harpaz (Ph.D.)  |  Research & Development

    Has 25 years of experience as an academic and a researcher in different capacities of the social and positive psychology fields, with years of practice and consultancy in the private sector. She is an expert in interpersonal and intergroup relations, organizational challenges and conflicts.

  • Noor Dawod  |  Technology & UX

    Entrepreneur, UX designer and a veteran technology professional, with 20 years of experience in IT, security, and software architecture. Previously, he served as CTO for several companies in various fields.

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