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Good relationships make you happier and healthier.

We’ll accompany you all the way.

It’s a question of Yes or No

From the very first stage when it emerges, Disputec allows parties to a dispute to manage between themselves confidential, limited, purposeful and positive communication, by exchanging brief arguments formulated as Yes/No questions.

This process maps and breaks down the gaps between parties and the fundamental factors, thereby reducing and correcting the disagreements, allowing each party to express its views, fully and completely understand the other party’s position, and to address it in a way that disallows deterioration and escalation.

You didn’t agree on everything?

Consultants, such as attorneys, mediators, experts or other neutral third parties may be joined to ask additional questions to reduce disputes.

The dispute wasn’t resolved entirely? The parties can pass on the contentions of the dispute to a quick and cheap decision of arbitrators that Disputec has at their disposal.

System rules

  • Rule 1

    Each party to the conflict can raise short claims/questions (up to 144 characters per claim) to which the answer could be a Yes or No. There is no limit to the number of claims that can be raised.

  • Rule 2

    You can answer the claims/questions with:

    Yes: You have an agreement

    No: You have an disagreement

    Skip: The claim/question isn’t formulated as a Yes/No question and therefore must be rephrased, or the other party doesn’t want to resolve it

Who is the system for?

Disputec is a multilingual generic system suitable for solving any type of dispute anywhere. The system allows the disputing parties to negotiate regardless of language, culture, law, or legal system.

Disputes can be resolved through Disputec at home, work and business, even before the dispute becomes a conflict. The system is also suitable for use as an inexpensive and effective alternative to managing legal proceedings, so lawyers, mediators and arbitrators can also use it, enabling their clients to resolve a dispute in a shorter time.

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